The Pitchounette, is a rustic-style 3-star hotel with its own restaurant.
In a family-friendly and relaxed atmosphere, you will appreciate both calm and cuisine.




La Pitchounette
19, Arbespine B-4845 JALHAY




located in the ‘Blue Ardenne’, at just 3 km of from Spa city centre and its new thermal centre,the Pitchounette is also very close to the Spa-Francorchamps circuit as well as of the Liège-Aachen highway.”

our cuisine changes with the seasons

Prepared by the proprietor himself, the traditional French cuisine is generous and delicious.
It changes with the seasons and combines classical and house-created meals.
You can enjoy meals in our Ardennes-style dining-room or, during the summer months, on our shaded terrace.
In the autumn, you can sample the hunting menu with game from our wonderful region.
The hotel also has a very nice wine cellar, with wines from France and other countries”

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La Pitchounette
19, Arbespine B-4845 Jalhay